Air Conditioning Refrigeration Sub Zero & Appliance Repair

You can trust Air Aces to treat you like family, and to do a great job by providing a quick response to your call. We will send a clean, courteous, and subzerorepair12reliable Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, Sub Zero, & Appliance service professionals that fixes your problem RIGHT the first time, all at a guaranteed price. Air Aces is the most on-time and reliable heating, and air conditioning company in the Houston metro area — guaranteed!

Air Aces is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing high quality services throughout the Houston Metro area. Air Aces Air Conditioning Repair is Houston’s family owned heating & cooling company specializing in repair services exclusively for the homeowner!

Air conditioning is a must when the temperatures start climbing so why trust your system to anyone but the best? Air Aces air conditioning & cooling specialists are not only well trained, but they are held to a very high code of ethics. During our rigorous hiring process, all potential employees are drug tested, background checked and also are EPA certified. Not only will they treat your family with respect, but they will make sure your air conditioning is fixed promptly and safely.

Sub Zero Repair

We really don’t suggest you try repairing your Sub-Zero refrigerator by yourself this is maybe harzardous. Even though the problem might seem like it

\will be easy enough to handle, one of the reasons that this brand is a high end appliance, is because all the special features the refrigerator has attached to it. The more special features Sub-Zero refrigerator, the harder the repair will be Sub-Zero appliance refrigerator. More often than not, homeowners who try to handle the situation on their own end up doing more damage than good to the Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Appliance Repair

Additionally, when you choose Air Aces for your appliance repair work. We have all major name brand parts in stock at all times. This means we do not have to send your appliances out, or have to wait several weeks to order the parts that will be required to perform the repair. We have them usually in our trucks, meaning we can complete the repair same day, or within a few days of the service call you make. Further, since we do not have to outsource, or call other companies to deliver parts to us, we can help you save on the repair cost, as we do not have to call other companies or order parts to perform such repairs that have to be done on your appliances.

Air Aces has the experience to work on your appliances. We employ licensed techs, who are specialized in different types of repairs. So, no matter what the appliance is, or what issues have to be taken care of, we have a tech on site that is experienced in performing such repair work, and will have the expertise to perform the repair on the appliance that you need us to work on. You do not have to worry about work quality or poor workmanship, we specialize in all repair types, and all different service needs that our customers might have.

Duct Cleaning

Nobody wants to live in a dirty home. If your air ducts haven’t been cleaned in awhile, you are increasing the risk of contamination inside of your house, duct_cleaning_and_before_and_afterand there are simple steps you can take to ensure that your air is traveling safety throughout your house. If you air ducts are clogged, have visible signs of mold or other growth, or have known vermin inside of them. Air Aces duct cleaning in Houston can help.

Air Aces uses proven duct-cleaning techniques to make sure your ducts are spotless. Our duct cleaning machine utilizes a tiny camera to determine how much contamination is in your ducts and compares the results after they have been cleaned. The outcome is outstanding. We also use an eco friendly sanitizer to ensure that any and all contaminants are eliminated. Your air ducts are where the air purification process starts, and it’s important to keep them as clean as possible in order to have a healthy and safe air supply throughout your home. Maintaining the health of your air ducts is a responsible decision that Air Aces would love to help you make today. Please call us if you have any questions about air duct cleaning in Houston, Tx.

Air Purification

Air pollution is commonly associated with outdoor air, however, it has been shown that indoor air can be far more polluted than outdoor air. The OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEnvironmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. According to the American College of Allergist, 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air. Having clean and purified indoor air quality can improve your life and your health. Headaches, fatigue, lung irritation and congestion can all be attributed to having bad indoor air quality. Rather than wait to get sick, or worse, watch your family suffer, take control of the situation by purifying the air that you breathe.

Preventative Mantanance

We’ve seen firsthand the damage that can result when hvac systems are not kept in good condition. Preventive maintenance can minimize expensive hvac repairs and significantly increase the lifespan of hvac equipment.